Modal paper 2021 Class 10


Instruction : First 15 minutes are allotted for the condidates to read the question paper.

(i) This question paper is divided into two Sections —-

‘A’ and ‘B’

(ii) All question from the two Sections are compulsory .

(iii) Mark are indicated against each  question.

(iv) Read the questions very carefuly before you answering them.

Section ‘A’

Read the following passage and answer the quetions given below it :

Each one of us is a link in the chain, that is our country. if we are weak and poor citizens, our country will suffer, even though we may try to comfort our selves with the false idea that it does not make any difference what one person does in such a large country, where so many people live. But if one candle goes out, them in that one place ther is darkness instead of light. It is only when all the condles burn brightly, the whole house will be full of light.

(i) Write the name of the lesson from which the above lines have been taken. Who is the writer of this lesson?

(ii) What will happen if we are weak and poor citizens?

2. Answer any one of the following questions in about 60 words :


(A) What were Pandit Jawaharlal Neharu’s views aboutthe river Ganga and about the people of the country?

(B) Who was the Socrates and what were his teachings?

3. Answer two of the following questions in about 25 words each :

(A) Which of the two sons of the merchant was wiser and how ?

(B) What test did he give to them to find out who was the cleverer of the two ?

(C) who was Lencho ? What were his main problems?

4. Match the words of List ‘A’ with their meanings in List ‘B’

             List ‘A’                                                                                     List ‘B’

(a) resolution                                                                                         (i) old customs

(b) paused                                                                                              (ii) during

(c) in course of                                                                                      (iii) stopped

(d) tradition                                                                                          (iv) firm decision

5. Read the following lines of poetry and answer the questions given below it :

Into the moonlight ,

Whiter than snow;

waving so flower – like,

When the winds blow !

(a) What colour is the fountain in the moonlight?

(b) What happens to the fountain whin th windis blow ?

6. Given the central idea of any one of the following poem :

(a)  The Psalm of Life

(b) The Fountain

(c) The Nation Builders

7. Answer two of the following questions in about 25 words each :

 (a) What is King Vikramaditya famous for ?

(b) Describe one important invention mad by Edison.

(c) What was Jesse Owens’ ‘Greatest Olympic Prize’ ?

8. Point out true or false in the following statements :

(a) King Vikramadtya loved justice and learning.

(b) Thomas Alava Edison was a great singer.

(c) Luz Long was an American.

(d)  Pierre de Goubertin was the founder of the modern Olympic Games.

9. Select the most suitable alternetive to complete the following statements :

(a) The essential thing in life is………………………..

(i) earning money

(ii) getting success by any means

(iii) living well

(iv) flighting well

(b) Edison was found of

(i) flying kites.

(ii) playing games.

(iii) doing experiments.

(iv) telling stories.

(c) The judgement-seat of Vikramditya was found in ……………..

(i) Agra

(ii) Delhi

(iii) Ujjain

(iv) Dwarka

(d) Hitler belied in the

(i) superiority of English race.

(ii) superiority of German race.

(iii) equality of all races.

(iv) superiority of all races.


10. Do as indicated against each of the following sentences :

(i) He said to me, “Are you waiting for my father today?”   ( change the indirect speech )

(ii) I know him very well.  ( change into passive voice )

(iii) The work is being ………………….. by me.   (Use the correct frome of the verb ‘do’ to fill in the blank )

(iv) On sunday play hackey they every    ( Frome a correct sentence by re-ordering the words )


(a) Choose the correct preposition from the once given below the sentence to fill in the blank :

He is suffering ……………….. fever.  ( for, with, from, in )

(b) Complete the following sentences:

Will you wait unless ………………… .

(c) Complete the spellings of the following words :

(i)  suc_e_d                                                     (ii)   s_g_if_c_nc_

(d) Punctuate the following sentence using capital letters wherever necessary :

is this your final decision said amit to his father yes i cannot make any alternation said his father

12. Translate the following into English :

मेरा मित्र आज सवेरे के रेल गाड़ी से बरेली आया है । मुझे उसे इलाहाबाद के दर्शनीय स्थल दिखने है ।

आज वह थका हुआ है । मैं कल उसे गंगा और यमुना का संगम दिखने ले जाऊंगा ।

13. Write an application to the Principal of your college, requesting him to make a regular arrangement for evening              games.


      Write a letter to your sister (already married ) inviting her to attend your birthday party.

14. Write a composition on one of the following topics in about 60 word. Points are given below for each topic, to                      develop the composition :

  (a) An Idea Teacher

              (i) Name and qualifications

(ii) Dress

(iii) Habits and behaviour

(iv) His popularity

 (b) Pollution

(i) What is pollution ?

(ii) Sources of pollution

(iii) How do it harm ?

(iv) How can it be checked ?

(v) Conclusion.

  (c) An Indian Festival :

(i) Introduction-name and when it is celevrated

(ii) Why it is celebrated

(iii) How it is celebrated

(iv) Conclusion- some evils associated with it.

15. Read the following passage carefully and answer the question set thereon :

Sardar Patel was a strict man. People call him the ‘Iron man of India’. He was. no doubt an Iron man in the sense that he was an efficient administrator. But as a man to those who had the good fortune of coming into close contact with him, he was kind and gentle. At times he even become emotional, when his personal friend and followers were concerned . However, it goes without saying that the Sardar had the art of selecting proper men for proper posts. Once he judged the man and found him correct, he trusted him fully and got him to do anything he wanted.

(i) What was the main quality of Sardar Patel ?

(ii) How can you say that Sardar Patel had the great skill of organising affairs ?

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